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Timid Tuesday Rides with Jim

Posted by: tlj on 07/10/2006 17:39:22
FooMTB member, Jim, is going to start leading a weekly Timid Tuesday social ride. All riding levels are welcome and everyone is encouraged to come out and join in on the fun!

The ride will meet at the old Circle K gas station at the corner of Tramway Blvd. and Tramway Lane. Non-members welcome!

Date: Tuesday, July 11
Time: 5:30 PM

Email Jim for more details.

FooMTB July Meeting

Posted by: tlj on 06/10/2006 20:22:41
Chris will be back from his attendance at the IMBA Summit/World Mountain Biking Conference. He should have some interesting information to share with the group! We'll also be catching up on upcoming club activities.

Hope you can make it!!

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2006
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: REI Meeting Room

If you have any questions, you can email Chris.

Lost FooMTB Jacket - Please Return

Posted by: tlj on 05/31/2006 11:44:07
FooMTB team clothing jacket lost on Colorado Trail between Dry Fork and Champion Ventures Road (in Durango) over Memorial Day Weekend.

Please contact Matt at 505.280.9438 if found. Thanks!

Santa Fe Trail Work Days

Posted by: tlj on 05/01/2006 20:31:48
Dates: Sunday, May 7 and May 14
Time:8:30 AM - 1:00 PM ish
Location: See directions below

The cleanup for the La Tierra trail area two weeks ago was a fantastic success, and with the race right around the corner, we're looking to have two trail work / "fluff-and-buff" days prior to the race on June 4th.

After cleanup, there will be plenty of time left to ride/eat/drink beer! For those not familiar with the "where", the trails are in the Northwest Quadrant of Santa Fe - on some City of Santa Fe Open Space.

From the south, take I-25 to the 599 / By-Pass almost until the end; where at the 2nd-to-last exit at Camino de los Montoyas you turn left, heading north, for about 1 mile to the new parking area adjacent to the radio tower (both on right side of the road). We can split up from there.

Alternative Directions--
The alternate is to meet me at Santa Fe Baking Company for burritos, juice, and coffee between 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM where we can then caravan out of to head over to the trails.

Tools most helpful to bring with you
  • McLeod's
  • Pulaskis
  • small saw / clippers
  • sturdy garden rakes
I have some tools, but if anyone can let me know what they've got / what we may be able to beg/borrow, it'd be a big help. The McLeod's seem to make the best all-around tool for the soft rocky stuff at La Tierra, as you can rake the rocks off the surface with the rake side, and smooth out the trail tread with the flat side afterwards.

The bulk of the work falls into three categories:
  1. finish up the NEW trails that will add a nice chunk of Foo legacy to the system
  2. "fix" one or two areas that have eroded to the point of making it a little hairy for beginner racers
  3. do a quick raking of some of the singletrack sections that have tons of ball bearing / baby head rocks that have rolled onto / eroded into the trails.

That's the plan - and if those that can make it would rsvp me sometime in the near future, I can buy and ice down the appropriate quantity of beverages :-)

c 505.577.6200
h 505.986.1407

PS Map Attached of race course, trails, and area roads, click here

FooMTB April Meeting

Posted by: tlj on 04/12/2006 19:49:13
Date: Monday, 4/17/06
Time: 7 PM
Location: Kelly's on Central

We're going to be holding an "officers" meeting next Monday night (4/17/06) at 7pm at Kelly's on Central. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the group's goals for the rest of '06- trail projects/advocacy/group organization/etc. We strongly encourage any members who are interested in helping with the leadership & direction of the club to attend.

To reduce your fears of getting roped into anything, rest assured that you can come & participate without taking on any immediate responsibilities (but we will need you to very soon). This would just be a good time to be part of the discussions, not to mention the opportunity of having a few beers (if you're into that sort of thing). Also, as I've remained the President (by default) for '06, I'd like to ensure we have a good plan for rotating the group's leadership going forward. My vision is that we'll have ~ 3 planning meetings during the reminder of the year to ensure that our future leaders are comfortable with taking over the next time we have elections.


Matt Completes Solvang Double Century

Posted by: Anonymous on 04/01/2006 10:02:27
Congratulations on a great ride Matt!

Your friends from CA,
Bob McMahan
Dave Fischer

FooMTB March Meeting

Posted by: tlj on 03/14/2006 09:25:45
Date: Thursday, March 16
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Il Vicino, Montgomery location

Hey FooMTBers

In keeping with our plan for a monthly meeting and trying to get back to the 3rd Thursday of each month that we were meeting last year, we'll be having an informal get together this Thursday, March 16, 6:30 pm at Il Vicino on Montgomery. No agenda or formal business planned for this go around, just some good food, drinks, and conversations...

If anyone wants to do a ride before the meeting, send an email to the FooMTB group to set up a time and place to meet... as I won't be able to make it unfortunately.

Hope to see you Thursday!

FooMTB President

White Mesa--Volunteers Needed!!

Posted by: tlj on 02/21/2006 18:38:07
More Trail Work to Do

Date: Sunday, February 26
Time:8:00 am
Location: Bernalillo Park-N-Ride

Sorry for the short notice, but now that the parking lot has been finished, it is time to install the signage for the trail system itself.

There are 32 signs to be installed across the trail system and entrances. The trail signs themselves will be very similar in nature to the Dale Ball signage in Santa Fe. Each sign will be bolted to a steel U-post driven into the ground with a post-pounder. I picture the group splitting into two teams, each with a vehicle, post-pounder, posts, signs, hardware, and wrenches.

Please e-mail me if you can make it. I'll provide the tools and equipment, but need another vehicle large enough to carry half the steel u-posts. A good-sized SUV with the rear seat folded down will work fine, as the posts are about 6' long and relatively light. With two groups working, we should be finished in about 5 hours, if not sooner. As always, dress for a day of work in the outdoors with sturdy shoes, gloves, hat, etc. Bring food and water for the day.


FooMTB February Meeting

Posted by: tlj on 02/15/2006 22:18:56
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006
Location: REI Community Room
Time: 7 PM

Just wanted to remind everyone that our February meeting will be next Wednesday (2/22/06) at 7pm in REI's community room again, not tomorrow as was originally scheduled.

We'll be discussing our next steps out at White Mesa (trail work & signs), proposals for other trail work ideas / grant money, and the leadership of our organization (annual elections). Hope to see you there!

Also, since we had very productive trail work day last Saturday and completed the fence on that day, there will not be a trail work day this coming Saturday at White Mesa. Other work days at White Mesa will be scheduled for future weekends. Thanks again for everyone who made it out!!!

Finally, I posted a few more pictures of the fence project on our website. A few before's and after's and a couple others... check out the pictures if you haven't already.

FooMTB President

White Mesa Parking Lot/Fence Complete!

Posted by: tlj on 02/12/2006 21:11:21

Saturday's fence building event at White Mesa was a huge success. The group managed to get 2 days of planned work completed in 1!!

Many thanks again to the FooMTBers (Russ Waterson, Dan Hutchins, John MacKenzie, Sue Rivera, Dion Rivera, Mitch Steinberg, Chris Belknap, Randy Canfield, John Knight, Erik Peterson, Jim Werkmeister, Rich Capener, Chris Pyle, and Matt Turgeon) who came out and worked in the very cold weather to get this done!!

Here's a link for photos from our club Photo Album. Thanks to Chris Pyle for taking the pics!

White Mesa Work Days--Mark Your Calendars!!

Posted by: foomtb on 01/31/2006 19:19:13
Great News!!

What: FOO work party to install parking lot fence, gate, and greeting sign
Date: Saturday, February 11th (and February 18th, if necessary)
Time: 8:00 am
Place: Bernalillio Park-N-Ride lot (carpool out to white Mesa)

Please mark your calendars for FOO's work party days out at White Mesa on February 11th and 18th. FOO will be tasked with building a fence and gate around a new parking area at the White Mesa trail system entrance. We will also be installing a greeting sign at the parking area.

Contrary to what I first thought at the January 23rd meeting, FOO could utilize a large group (15 people?) on the first workday, February 11th. Depending on attendance, we will break into three or four groups and start building fence from different corners and installing the sign and gate. If we have good attendance, good weather, and a little bit of luck, we might finish in one day. Otherwise, we'll simply continue and finish the following week on the 18th of February. This is a lot of work for the club's membership to "sink its teeth into", and everyone who shows up will have plenty of opportunity to contribute.

Come prepared for a full day of working in the outdoors. Wear sturdy shoes, dress in layers, and bring your own water, lunch and snacks.

The BLM is providing all of the building materials. I will be out at the worksite with the materials early that morning. Klinger will provide most of the tools, and I will have those with me as well. There are some other tools that the volunteers should bring from home. See below:

Tools needed
  • Tamping bars (think of packing soil tightly around a post in a new post-hole)
  • Tape measures
  • Water in 5 gallon containers (moisten soils in wheelbarrows to tamp back in around posts)
  • 4' carpenter levels (I'll provide one, but three more needed)
  • shovels
  • post-hole diggers (hand-powered would be fine)
  • standard claw hammers ( I'll provide one, but two more needed)

Please reply to me (Jim Werkmeister) with your attendance, so that I can adequately plan and provide for the group. Thanks to those who have already responded!

FooMTB January and February Meetings

Posted by: foomtb on 01/07/2006 19:08:13
Date: Monday, January 23rd
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: REI's community room
We'll primarily be working on planning out our trail project(s) out at White Mesa during this meeting. As you may have already heard, the state has recently approved our trail plan and the BLM has signed the Environmental Assessment so we can now plan out and do some trail work in the coming months out at White Mesa!!!

Date: Wednesday, February 22nd
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: REI's community room
We'll be holding our annual elections this evening and we're looking for more folks to get involved!

For questions, contact our President, Chris.

2006 FooMTB Clothing Order - Due Feb. 3, 2006!

Posted by: tlj on 01/04/2006 10:51:09
Preliminary 2006 FooMTB clothing designs are located in the Photo Album, along with a *.jpg of the 2006 FooMTB clothing order form. . Note these prelim design include last years sponsors logos - THIS WILL CHANGE. Once we make the final order for 2006, the artwork will be updated to reflect the new sponsors we have picked up for 2006: Moots, Wily Cycles, Maxxis, PricePoint, Defined Fitness, and others still yet to come.

The order form should be self-explanatory. While I would prefer that everyone pick up the clothes, I understand the constraints in setting up the distribution - so therefore a mailing option is allowed this year.

Louis Garneau clothing and sizes are the same as last year, so we will not have a sizing party like we did then.

Shorts/Bibs will likely be upgraded to have better padding this year. Also, I hope to incorporate a short design that includes all sponsors logos, so it should look significantly different than what is shown on the website. Note however, that the color scheme is the exact same as last year, and therefore you can interchange clothes with fashion ease if you wish (suggestion by Dan Hutchins).

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to . Thank you!

FooMTB October, November and December Meetings

Posted by: tlj on 10/14/2005 09:02:56
Next week- Thursday, Oct 20th- Usual monthly ride & meeting. Meet at Embudito trail head (top of Montgomery) at 5:00pm for a quick ride before dark. Meet at Il Vicino ~ 6:45-7:00pm to grab some drinks, a bite to eat, and talk about club happenings and recent riding adventures!!

Next Month- Wednesday, Nov 30th-Meeting cancelled. Please come to the South Foothills Trails Work Day instead!!

South Foothills Trail Work Day!!
Date: Saturday, Dec 3rd
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Meet at Copper Trailhead and carpool to Hilldale due to limited parking at Hilldale

The Open Space folks will provide all tools, materials, and supervision for FOO's project. We can expect to work hard for 4-5 hours on tasks such as a partial trail re-route, water bars, etc. Please be prepared to work outdoors for 4-5 hours: Wear sturdy shoes, long pants, dress in layers, use sunscreen, bring your Camelbak full of water, etc.

After our work is complete, the group will get together at Il Vicino's on Montgomery for lunch and drinks. Bring your spouse, kids, etc., and relax with your fellow club members!

If working to improve trails in your community isn't incentive enough to show up on December 3rd, there will be goodies from Pricepoint for those that attend! No show=no schwag!!! (Thanks to Matt Turgeon for scoring this deal for the club)

Please e-mail me, Jim Werkmeister, if you are going to attend. The Open Space people will plan projects for us according to how many of us are planning to attend. I will give them a headcount on November 28th.

FooMTB Seeking Sponsors for 2005-2006 Season!

Posted by: tlj on 09/16/2005 11:21:29
FooMTB is now pursuing sponsorship for the 2005-2006 Season.

We are interested in local businesses, national biking and component companies, and also nutritional sponsors.
Sponsorship guidelines are detailed in our club/team resume, and can be obtained in the form of paid advertisements on clothing/apparel or bartering for products and services.

For all sponsors, we will also place your logo on our team cycling apparel and also this web page. This would get your advertising on our athletes as we cycle in races, events, and even training rides. Since cycling clothing can last years, the advertising exposure you gain from placement on our jerseys can literally see thousands of eyeballs.

Note that "gift" items are also important to us as a club. We give out the gifts at trail work activities, meetings, and events. These help increase membership and involvement, and we certainly appreciate these types of efforts. In exchange, of course, we will have a discussion/presentation of your product(s) at these events to help promote our sponsor's amongst our members.

We have put together a pretty comprehensive resume that is located at the URL below:

FooMTB Resume

Thanks for the interest in FooMTB. We truly appreciate the support of our previous sponsors, Fat Tire Cycles, Klinger Construction, Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza, Sandia Labs Federal Credit Union (SLFCU), Sock Guy Socks, and Avant Garb Apparel!

Note that contact information for sponsorship is detailed in the resume. If you have trouble opening that document, please send email to

FooMTB - New Mexico's Mountain Biking Advocacy Group!

FooMTB September Meeting

Posted by: tlj on 09/13/2005 20:09:25
Come join us for our September meeting. This is an informal gathering and the ride is for all skill levels. Members and those interested in membership are all welcome!

DATE: Thursday, Sept. 15
RIDE: Meet at the Embudito Trailhead (top of Montgomery) for a ride in the North Foothills.
MEETING: Meet at IL Vicino (also on Montgomery)

Dan, our ride leader, will be in the IL Vinico parking lot at 5:00 and will ride Bear Canyon to Embudito if anyone wants to join him. You can contact Dan at

Jemez Guide Book!

Posted by: tlj on 08/04/2005 06:24:29
Comprehensive Mountain Bike Trail Guides for the Southwest

Local legend Tom Mayer has ridden and mapped virtually every road and trail in the Jemez Mountains. From this information he is writing a series of mountain bike trail guides.

Volume 1 covers rides on
Virgin, Cebollita, Stable, and Schoolhouse Mesas
in the Jemez Mountains close to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos.

The adventures range from very easy rides for the beginner
to rides that will challenge the strongest hard core rider.
These are all new rides that have never been described anywhere else.
Many of the adventures are mostly single track.
Future Volumes will have even more challenging adventures.

This is an area bounded by Highway 4 through Jemez Springs
on the east and Forest Road 376 on the west and north.
Most of this area is covered with ponderosa pine.
Parts are aspen, fir, or spruce.

These guides will eventually add hundreds of new rides to the area.

Only $29.99 plus shipping and tax if applicable. Rate schedule

email: or call: (505) 294-3368

FooMTB asks that you please support tom in his effort to document these wonderful trails!

Open Space Land Acquisition Resolution Approved

Posted by: tlj on 05/25/2005 15:38:14 (Read: 303)
The amended City Resolution (R-05-210) sponsored by Martin Heinrich was approved by the City Council on 5/16/05. This resolution identifies the handling of 527 acres of land near the South Foothills and I-40 which was acquired by Mayor Chavez.

You will note several deviations from the original amended resolution that Councilor Heinrich provided to FooMTB; however, all references to designating the area as a City of Albuquerque Open Space Wilderness Area have been removed.

FooMTB worked with Councilor Heinrich, requesting that he remove the Wilderness designations. Such designations would have made it illegal for any biking trails to be established in the designated area.

With the diligent work (letter writing, sending emails and making phone calls to City Councilors, the Mayor and Open Space personnel) of our club and its supporters, we were able to once again make a difference for our biking community!

Click "Read More" below to read the approved resolution.
Read More

Friends of Otero - Guest Article in Journal

Posted by: tlj on 05/16/2005 19:56:13

KAFB Fence, Trails Can Coexist

By Friends of Otero

The controversy regarding the location of Kirtland Air Force Base's (KAFB) proposed eastern boundary fence and the subsequent withdrawal of the popular Otero Canyon trail system from public use continues.

Most recently, Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., submitted an appropriation bill that includes $5 million (Albuquerque Journal, April 8, 2005) to fund this new perimeter. In a press release dated April 22, 2005, he further clarifies that he believes "the Air Force can and should proceed in a way that meets the security needs of KAFB while ensuring continued public access to existing hiking and biking trails."

In addition, Rep. Heather Wilson, R-N.M., continues to support the community's view that there are viable alternatives for the location of the perimeter fence. The Congresswoman has requested a review by the Secretary of the Air Force to determine where the eastern perimeter fence should be placed. This review is still pending.

In July of 2004, KAFB issued an Environmental Assessment (EA) regarding Otero Canyon and the east perimeter fence line. Several issues remain unresolved since the release of this document.

First, this EA lacks sufficiently specific details about the location of the proposed fence line, making it virtually impossible to determine the effect the fence will have on the existing trail system. The location of the fence is imperative since ostensibly small changes to the east would have the potential to change the existing trail landscape.

Secondly, KAFB subsequently released the following statement in a July 30, 2004, press release:

"In accordance with the Environmental Assessment ... approximately 1,500 acres of Kirtland property will remain outside the proposed fence ... Kirtland plans to hold a public scoping meeting early in this process to receive the public's proposals for this land ... The proposals will then be evaluated during the Eastern Boundary Area Use Environmental Assessment."

KAFB, to date, has not held the public scoping meeting and the trails remain closed to the public.

Thirdly, the EA contains a section that acknowledges a very critical point: That the proposed fence will landlock approximately seven square miles of National Forest land. This land, located just to the south of Interstate 40 and west of the Rio Grande Cement plant in Tijeras, would be blocked from public access, even though it is not part of the withdrawn land. Access to this land can remain open with only a small easement (wide enough for a trail) along the northern border of the withdrawal. KAFB's fence proposal makes no concession for access, and effectively takes this additional land away from the public.

Finally, the issue of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and funding for its removal from the 1,500 acres that KAFB plans to return to the public has yet to be addressed. Until the UXO is removed, the public will not be allowed access to trails in this area.

In a letter to the Secretary of the Air Force, Sen. Bingaman voiced his strong support for setting aside funds to remove the unexploded ordnance that KAFB claims is in the area. Regarding their claims, Bingaman stated, "I understand that while there have been no incidents involving unexploded ordnance during the many years of public use, the Air Force is obligated to investigate the presence of UXO, and where it's found, remove it".

The Friends of Otero and other community members have never questioned the need for KAFB to secure its eastern perimeter, but the location of the fence and its impact has not been effectively addressed. We support the actions of Rep. Heather Wilson and Sen. Jeff Bingaman in their attempts to have the Secretary of the Air Force review the EA and in their ongoing efforts to reopen the Otero Canyon Trail system to the public.

Friends of Otero is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that was formed in spring of 2003 to work for continued public access to the Otero Canyon trail system. For more information visit &
Italicized Text

Senator Jeff Bingaman Responds to FooMTB's Requests

Posted by: tlj on 04/25/2005 18:35:42
(Download press release PDF)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, Apri122, 2005

WASHINGTON -In a letter to Air Force Secretary James Roche, U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman today voiced his strong support for setting aside funds to remove unexploded ordinance in Otero Canyon.

Bingaman said the sooner the ordinance is removed the sooner the hiking and biking trains in the area can be reopened to the public.

"I understand that while there have been no incidents involving unexploded ordinance during the many years of public use, the Air Force is obligated to investigate the presence of UXO, and where it's found remove it," Bingaman wrote to Roche.

"Toward this end, I urge Air Force headquarters to provide adequate funding for Kirtland to accomplish this task, and I will strongly support Kirtland's and the Air Force's efforts to secure funding for this purpose," Bingaman continued. "This funding for UXO remediation on the land would ensure that the many people who have used this land for recreation could promptly and safely return to using it."

When it was announced that Kirtland would be building a security fence on its eastern perimeter, Bingaman strongly urged the base to keep public hiking and biking trails open. The Pentagon is in the process of reviewing where the fence line should be. In his letter, Bingaman pressed Roche to find a way to protect the base while allowing for public access on the trails.

"While I recognize that there is a critical need to keep our nation's military installations and Kirtland specifically protected against terrorism, I believe that the Air Force can and should proceed in a way that meets the security needs ofKAFB while ensuring continued public access
to existing hiking and biking trails," Bingaman wrote.

"I am writing to ask that you carefully consider both interests as you deliberate on the placement of the eastern boundary perimeter fence," he wrote.


FooMTB would like to thank the Senator for addressing the concerns of the citizens in the correspondence to Sec. Roche. The actions of the New Mexico Congressional Delegation, specifically Sen. Bingaman and also Rep. Heather Wilson, have truly been in response to the grass-roots efforts of not only our members, but also hikers, birders, nature lovers, and recreationalists in New Mexico and also those who visit the treasure of Otero Canyon.

In addition the Friends of Otero continues to maintain the support of Gov. Bill Richardson, U.S. Rep Tom Udall, Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez, the Albuquerque City Council, the Albuquerque Open Space Division, the Village of Tijeras, and the County of Bernalillo.

We ask that those of you that wrote to Senator Bingaman to please take the time and follow up with a letter of thanks. In addition, we believe the same should be done for our other supporters as well.

Friends of Otero is firmly committed to the protection of Otero Canyon and all recreational trails within the U.S. Forst Service Owned Land currently leased by Kirtland AFB. With your suport we can continue this pursuit that benefits all New Mexicans.

FooMTB Gear!

Posted by: scott on 03/02/2005 21:41:24
We have finalized the design of our new FooMTB jerseys, shorts, and vests. More info, including pictures, is available here.

Many thanks to all our sponsors who made this possible!

Open Space Land Acquisition--New Resolution!

Posted by: tlj on 02/28/2005 08:34:25 (Read: 458)
Councilor Martin Heinrich has re-written his Resolution (R-05-210), which designates use of 327 acres of newly acquired Open Space land.

The new resolution removes references to "Wilderness" and specifically states the inclusion of mountain biking on the newly acquired land.

Special thanks to all who wrote letters to City officials to bring attention to this very important mountain biking advocacy issue!

To read the new resolution, click the "Read More" link below.
Read More

White Mesa - We need your help!

Posted by: scott on 11/16/2004 20:18:05
Through an agreement with the BLM, FooMTB will assist in managing the White Mesa area near San Ysidro. See photos of the White Mesa Area

We are recruiting volunteers to help with trail building, sign building, etc. We can only do this with your help! White Mesa is a beautiful riding and hiking opportunity that is unmatched in NM. Please help us develop this area so that it will always be open for recreationalists!
You can see more information on the project or sign up to volunteer now:

New Mexico is the First State Park System in the Nation to Sign a Partnership Agreement with IMBA

Posted by: tlj on 10/04/2004 14:07:42 (Read: 369)
The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department and the New Mexico State Parks Division signed an agreement Sept. 14 with the International Bicycling Association to cooperate in trail-building training and construction of new mountain bike trails.

Read more at this link:
New Mexico State Parks Breaking News

or click the "Read More" link below.
Read More | 0 Comments


Posted by: tlj on 09/29/2004 12:44:07 (Read: 353)
Please read the official notice below that was recently placed in the Federal Register. As of September 21, 2004 the Ojitos Special Management Area - which encompasses the area informally known as the White Mesa.

Please note that FooMTB will soon adopt the area and in conjunction with BLM, kiosks, signs, and official trails will be marked.

We ask that you respect the land and represent FooMTB properly in the short term before the management plan can come into place.

Please continue reading this announcement by clicking on "Read More" below.
Read More | 0 Comments

Membership Prices Changed

Posted by: scott on 09/20/2004 12:33:04
We have lowered the Regular membership price and Regular renewal price from $35 to $25.

Join Today!

Hike with Congresswoman Heather Wilson

Posted by: scott on 04/06/2004 20:46:15

On Tuesday, April 6th, Friends of Otero joined New Mexico Congresswoman Heather Wilson in a hike in the Otero Canyon area. Please visit the Save Otero website for more information.

Join FooMTB!

Posted by: scott on 02/16/2004 11:26:53
Please take a moment to join and support FooMTB of Central New Mexico.

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Save Otero Canyon!
White Mesa

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